Game Interface

The background is an image of what you will see when you first start the game and have a scenario loaded. The size of the Game’s Window will depend on what your last settings are. Every time you exit the Game it will save your Window configuration regarding location and size of the Game Form and what mode it is in (Windowed or Full Screen). This sometimes causes a problem forcing you to reset the Window.

The general layout of the Game is similar to most Windows forms. It has a Title bar at the top with the Game’s name, “CWE Battle”, in it followed by the Version number and the currently loaded Game Name. Below the Title bar are two menu bars and a button bar. These handle most of the functionality of the game. Below these bars the Form is divided into two sections. The larger section to the right contains the Game Map. The smaller left hand section contains column of information boxes which are filled in as you select things on the map. At the bottom of this left section are some debugging buttons and info boxes that will later disappear. At the very bottom of the screen is a Status bar which displays information on what is happening in the game.

The map itself is a hexagonal grid defining the battlefield that will be played on. The Map is generally much larger than the box containing it so you will generally see both horizonal and vertical scroll bars on the display box.

The overall Game Form uses standard Window controls. On the Title bar on the far right are the minimize, maximize and exit Windows icons. The Title bar can be grabbed by the mouse to change the Form’s location. The edges can be grabbed to resize. The small dot mesh in the very far bottom right corner on the Status bar can be used to resize the Form in both horizonal and vertical directions.