Making Your Own Game

The CWE is called a Civil War Engine for a reason.  It isn’t intended to simulate a particular battle but all battles.  I have neither the time or inclination to try to publish a large list of battles so I am leaving it up the the Players themselves to develop Battle scenarios.

Right now the game is in to early a stage to provide the tools and instructions needed for the Player to design their own scenarios but they will be made available once the file formats are near finalization.

The game consists of folders containing all the graphics used to build the map and units, a game Map which is created by the CWE_MapEditor, and a set of Unit and Parameter files that are in standard XML.  All of these except the MAP can be altered with standard free editors.

The MAP is the most difficult thing to create since it requires the Modder to find published maps with sufficient detail to create a topo map to define a hexagonal grid of 50 yard wide hexes with heights of 15 feet intervals.