Instructions for Testing

For those willing to test this game please check this section for information on what to test and how to post the results.

Right now, this is pretty much an Alpha level game.  I know there are a lot of things not being handled correctly so I am going to list things that need testing, so I don’t get overwhelmed with problems.  For the most part you will be able handle the results of testing by just posting in the Forums under the Testing section.

To be a tester all you need to do is create a login for this Web site.  Download the latest version of the game from the Download section.  And, let me know that you are willing to test by putting a post in the Testing Forum.  I will eventually send you an email so that you can contact me for specific problem and/or send my save files showing the problem.  For those who post in the Texting Forum saying they are willing to help with testing, I will be creating a mailing list so I can let you know when a new item is added to this page for testing.

For those who want to test the best way to run the Game is as a “Hot Seat” because this allows you to create save files at any point in the game except during Turn Execution.  It also allows you to run the game without passwords which helps me access the data.  Just make frequent saves of the game anytime you suspect you are getting near where an error will occur.  When the error occurs you can send me the last save with a description of what was happening when the error occurred.

The Game itself has a number of internal traps which might catch errors or, at least, help me isolate their origin.  You will usually see these either as messages on the Status Bar saying something couldn’t be found or done or with an actual Error Dialog message.  This shows up as a Windows Message box.  You can recognize it is one my program is creating by its Title.  It will have a Title of “Error in _________”.  The information in the blank space will be the “Class:RoutineName”.  The message body will try to identify the error more precisely but may just be a repeat of the Windows Error.  It does start with the text “Errors: ” followed by a counter showing how many times the routine has been called.  If that number gets to the maximum I have set (20 right now) it will shut the program down to prevent a runaway.  The dialog box will give you the option of ignoring the error, debugging it, or Closing the program.  Debugging choice is the same as ignoring unless the Game is being run inside Visual Studio.

Test Window Size Handling

On at least one PC there have been problems with the game opening so that it fits on the screen.  The problem either causes part of the screen to be outside the viewing area or some of the game controls not being within the Window borders so they can be accessed.  Usually the worse hit are the two scroll bars.  Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the PC that is having this problem and I can’t reproduce it on any of my PC’s.  It is a laptop with 1200 x 800 resolution but is apparently running some background programs that put a Navigation bar on the top of the screen.  The game seems to be confused as to the actual display size of the laptop display.

After the Game opens (you don’t need to load a scenario) you should be able to do the following from the top menu bar’s “Reset” menu:

What I need to know is:

Did it fail?  On startup or on one of the reconfiguration commands?

What are the specs of your PC (whether it failed or not).  Just post into the Test Forum.

Information I need includes:

  • Type of Computer (Desktop, Laptop, etc.)
  • CPU Model
  • Screen Resolution
  • Video Driver Model

If it failed, I would also like to know if you have any programs always running on your desktop like Google navigation.

The “Setup” menu has four sub-menu commands that need testing:


This command should put the Game into normal Windows Form mode.  That is, a window running the game that is smaller than the full screen.  It will have the standard windows resizing icons in the upper right along with the “X” close window icon.  These should work as well.

Problems I have observed include some very odd choices for the window size when you use this command after being in Full Screen mode.

Full Screen

This command should change a Windowed Game into a full screen game window.  The resizing icons will disappear in this mode.

So far I haven’t seen a problem with this one other than the one computer I talked about earlier.

Reset Screen

This is a fix it command of last result.  It tries to force the computer into Windows Form mode with a screen size of 1000 x 750.  This is about the smallest size you can view the game in without cutting off parts of it.  It positions it on the screen with the upper left corner at 10, 10.

Save Setup

This command will save the current Windows settings.  When you restart the game it should open with these settings.  If you were in Full Screen mode and executed this command the next time you start up it should start in Full Screen.  If you were in a Window that you resized and then executed this command, the next time you start up it should open with the same size window and in same position on screen.

Debugging Aids

Over on the left bottom of the Window there is a scrollable textbox.  I use this to output messages and data to help solve specific problems.

Right now it is set up to output numbers related to screen mode and size.  If you have a problem with the resizing and can still see this box, copy the text in it down and send it to me or post on the Testing Forum.

Whenever the Game starts you will see the following information in that box:

Computer Scrn:  Width x Height  (Size of your computers screen in pixels)

Windows Mode (Windowed or Full Screen)

Size:  Width x Height (Initial size of the Game Window)

End Initialize App

(Every time the Resize event is called it will append the following:)

Resize:  Width x Height

Panel2:  Width x Height

Panel1:  Width x Height